Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fireboy And Watergirl In The Forest Temple

Don’t hesitate to become the guide of Fireboy and Watergirl during their adventure to explore a forest temple, players! They are assigned the challenging mission of seeking and collecting priceless things here, but it’s clear that it’s too difficult to them because many dangers and obstructions are detaining their steps. Fortunately, they own specific abilities to outrun deadly traps, and you are exactly the one helping them show their abilities. Everything depends on your clever guidance and skill. Hey guys! Fireboy And Watergirl In The Forest Temple will be exactly a fascinating cool math game for all game-addicts, so don’t miss it.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Snail Bob 6: Winter Story

Remember Snail Bob – the main protagonist in a cool puzzle game series? It’s also a fascinating cool math game for all people. This time, Snail Bob will embark on the journey to carry out an urgent task: rescuing his grandfather from the Mr. Green’s clutches. To reach the Mr. Green’s hide-out, he must get through a snowy jungle full of traps. Solve this puzzle by taking advantage of tools, blocks, planks, and buttons along his way. Remember that the buttons must be pressed at the proper time to tackle monsters tending to attack and eliminate their targets. Everything will depend on the players’ smartness to lead the protagonist to his destination.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ninja Miner

If having known about Ninja, you will not certainly miss any of his adventures. Hence, don’t mind entering Ninja Miner to go down into the underground and take up various fierce challenges. It’s surprised to know that he will explore a secret and dark dungeon where nobody dares to infiltrate into. Go with him to experience something challenging and absorbing now. Ninja Miner is assumed to be one of the tremendous cool math games for people loving Ninja, sparkling gems, and thrilling adventures. He is waiting for your participation in his new trip. Let’s go!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Run 2 To Challenge Your Skill

A cool math game called Run is waiting to challenge your clever skill. It’s possible to claim that the game’s graphics are not prominent enough to catch your eyes, but it’s clear that its content attracts numerous online players. You are a fan of cool math games, right? Run 2 is exactly for you, players. One special thing is that it can be experienced by 2 players at the same time. Come on! Choose the one and get through all challenges and hazards like bottom gaps, high walls, rocks, and monsters so as to reach the destination first!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Happy Wheels Demo Free

For people want to taste something unusual, fierce, thrilling, and dramatic, Happy Wheels Demo Free will be a nice zone for them. Hear about this impressive game? Let’s enter the first challenges to know about crazy features here. Players are allowed to drive terrible vehicles like the only one wheel, wheelchairs, carts, and others. Don’t mind putting yourself into the game space now!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cool Math Games Online

Look for something interesting and challenging? Have a visit to our Cool Math Game Online world. Actually, you will plunge into the greatest zone when entering each mini-game here.

Enjoy Yourself With Mario Runner

Mario Runner is know as one of the fascinating games for all kids who love Mario – the protagonist in the Super Mario world. It’s worthy trying it. Here, players will become this character to save the Queen from various dangers by getting through 16 levels. Let’s play now!