Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Amazing Spiderman

Come on! The Amazing Spiderman is the last mission of a fictional character on TV. He is exactly Spiderman, whom you consider as an idol. Then, what is his last mission? Let's go with him to find out the answer right now, all players! It's very interesting for sure! Play now! It's revealed that Spiderman will use his web to cling to surfaces of buildings and gather Underoos T-shirts and Boxers, and then reach the destination at the end of the road. Importantly, try to avoid falling down into the ground, or he will fail in the mission and die. Time for enjoying each level of the game is limited, so be swift-fingered and clever to guide him to the target safely. Remember to grab all of the above valuable items. Here we go!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kill The Plumber

As knowing, Mario appears in the Mushroom Kingdom as a hero, and most players always keeps a role as this character to fight against minions of the Bowser boss and protect the peaceful land. However, coming to Kill The Plumber, you will be surprised to know that you become the Bowser boss's minion and try to beat up Mario. Everything seems reverse in this game. You are an evil creature and attack Mario. Try new feelings from the cool game right now! Move the protagonist along platforms so that he can smash against Mario to defeat this target. Importantly, don't let Mario jump on him, or he will die immediately. Remember that you never jump on Mario. Be careful when coming close to him. Let's go!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Tongue Twist

Hi all game addicts! Do you love lizard and want to play a game with this pet? Don't mind getting yourself dipped into Tongue Twist and experiencing challenges of this game right away! As you may be aware, the game will take you to a colored jungle full of worms, bugs, dragonflies, and other insects. Here, you must assist the lizard to eat lots of these insects. To do that, let's change his appearance so that he has a suitable color and grapples the insects matching with him in terms of colors. The buttons at the left side are tools to change his colors, remember. Obviously, points are counted by the number of targets eaten. It's interesting to experience an exciting game like Tongue Twist with an adorable animal, players. Are you ready to begin it? Here we go!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Santa Rider 2

Christmas is coming soon, and we can bump into many sparkling and eye-catching Christmas patterns along streets of our city. Surely, nobody can forget the image of Santa Claus - a fat man delivering presents to good children every Christmas night. Commonly, he will ride the sled with the reindeer to fly through chimney of each house and drop down the delightful presents. Nevertheless, this Christmas will be full of memorable things for him because he uses a motorbike for this delivering. Help him control this vehicle so that he can get through snowy roads safely and give the presents to children in time. Pay attention to ramps, obstacles, crates, planks, logs, and others since they will cause unexpected accidents for him. Be careful!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Tequila Zombies 2

It's incredible to know about the terrible news; dozens of zombies are advancing towards a peaceful city and tend to infect all people here. Come on! This area is in need of some aid. A man, supposed to be a former policeman, volunteers to penetrate into the zombies' hide-outs to slay all of them and regain the control of the city. Would you like to join in this fight and contribute to the battle against the enemies? Here we go! Here, let's manage the man's movement so that he can quickly pick up weapons on the ground and use them well to shoot down the walking dead. While moving streets of the city, remember to get all cans of energy to refill his health in emergencies. Don't let any of the enemies touch him, or they will bite, hit, and even kill him. It's better for him to have your guidance during the journey. Come on!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Avatar Arena

Why do not you move to Avatar Arena to seek for the new experience, guys? It's sure that you will not find any possible reason to resist its charm. Here is your opportunity to pursue the Best Fighter position in the Avatar world. The players' important aim is to fight off all strong opponents in each arena and reach the victory. To do that, it's crucial that you must combine some keys to make normal or spectacular attacks on the targets at the best time like crushing, kicking, punching, dashing, smashing, and others. The opponents can suddenly assault you from all sides without your awareness. Be careful at any time! Hope that you will become the best fighter in all of the arenas here thanks to your brilliance and clever skill. Let's go!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spiderman Iron Spider

Hi everyone! Do you like tasting another cool math game called Spiderman Iron Spider? It's sure that everything here, ranging from content to background has the strong magnet to interest many people. Not only that, it reminds you of Spiderman - a fictional character on TV. Hurry up! See what his new mission is in this game, players! Here, players will go with Spiderman during his adventure to discover a secret facility. This zone is full of deadly spiders, sharp traps, and strong defense walls. Let's control him around all of its areas to confront enemies while collecting precious items. Just jump from platform to platform and use the web to cling to surfaces. Shoot weapons at the targets to defeat them. Keep your indecision aside to start the cool game now!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Humungousaur Giant Force

Hey guys! If still remembering Ben in Ben 10, don't miss Humungousaur Giant Force, all players. It's known that it's a challenging journey of Ben around a new planet. He will encounter many aggressive aliens. Thanks to his magic watch, he has turned himself into a beast having enough power to tackle the incoming enemies. Don't hesitate anymore! You will become his controller and manage his action in the battle with this evil force. Here we go!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Brain Builder

It's believed that Cool Math games have the marvelous charm to attract the attention of a large number of players. What makes them concern this game kind like that? Play Brain Builder to look for the answer now! It's possible to assert that kids are suitable for Brain Builder because they acquire a chance to improve their brain and Math skill. Lots of many Math questions need to be solved in the game. Take the first one for the commencement right now! Remember that its content is about giving out the correct answer to the main question: What is the highest number? Let's try the game right away!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wheely 4

Are you free now? Please keep you amused by putting yourself in the game space of Wheely, players! It's wonderful to check your brain in this cool math game, players. Solving puzzles in all levels is the ultimate goal during the game. In each of the levels, let's hit possible buttons in a right way to activate some objects and free way for the red car. Once this vehicle reaches the red flag at the end of the road, you will win the current level. All tutorials are shown up at the first levels. Pay attention to these basic rules to have the best solutions. Are you confident to begin the test of your brain? Come on!

Friday, April 17, 2015

King Of Fighters V 1.3

Dream to become the king of fighters? You are invited to a severe arena called King Of Fighters V 1.3 to prove your strength and abilities. Ready? Play this cool math-themed action game now! The players' mission is to navigate the selected fighter in the arena in such as skillful and alert way that he easily fights off the opponent. It's sure that spectacular kung fu performances are shown up here. It depends on how to combine the keys on the keyboard. Be careful while taking control of the main fighter as the opponent can make sudden attacks on him. The person whose energy bar loses first is the loser, remember!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stylist For The Stars Game

Game designers are interested in hobbies of girls, so they decide to launch Stylist For The Stars Game - an interesting girly game. It's difficult to resist the game's charm since you have a right to work as a professional stylist responsible for taking care of the stars' appearance. The starts in the game will participate in a big event tonight, so you must be fast to lead to the changing room and start dressing them up with available garments. The most significance here is to combine these clothing items and add-ons so that the stars become more glamorous. Their success in the night event depends on your dressing up capacity, players. Try it now!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Monkey Go Happy Dragon

Check your brain via Monkey Go Happy Dragon, all guys! It's known that here is one of the editions in the Monkey Go Happy series. It comprises lots of puzzles as well as stages players must overcome by using their brainstorming. The important aim is to do anything to make a little money laugh. For example, earn keys and open door to find out the hidden monkeys, activate some machines, or solve other puzzles. Follow yellow arrows to explore everywhere and search out right clues supporting in revealing the solution. Some tools like hammers, ladders, and others can help find out the answer more quickly. Don't miss them. Ready? Open the first puzzle and get joyful time right now!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Matchstick Math Game

Hey guys! Do you get eager and absorbed to taste challenges inside Matchstick Math Game - a good cool math game on the net? It's advised that you should not take your eyes off it because it's the perfect space to improve your smartness and capacity of clarifying problems. Here, there is more than one level, and the goal of each one is to make the math operation accurate by suitably moving the matchstick from a position to another one. It's amazing, right? To win this cool math game requires your good math skill and sharp eyes. Are you confident about yourself and your abilities? Move to the first challenge right now!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Princess Wedding On The Clouds

Are you interested in the work as a stylist of the bride in a dress up game called Princess Wedding On The Clouds? It's sure that it will bring you lots of great minutes. Here, you attain a total freedom to mix some available clothing items and accessories in a fashionable way to form the complete and chic appearance for the bride. The girl is getting nervous and expecting the important day in her life. She is confused in selecting the bridal gown. You are an expert in this field. Help her now! There is an abundant number of the needful items. The most importance is how to mix them. Everything depends on your hand.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Papa's Cupcakeria

The comeback of Papa will get you more and more excited. Why? He has just opened a new branch to expand the glory for his restaurant. It's called Papa's Cupcakeria. Of course, he wants to recruit a talented and alert manager as well as a server to make this new business more and more prosperous. Let's make the best cupcakes and serve them to customers and earn money. Don't get worried! All ingredients and recipes of the most yummy cupcakes are are available. First, let's learn how to make each one. Importantly, when a customer arrives, be fast to satisfy him. He will not wait for your food service too long, remember! Set out to work now!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Pixel Quest

Another cool math game will get you more and more absorbed. We call it Pixel Quest. The game has an extremely impressive background, which can please your eyes. Especially, there are many dazzling and precious treasures to collect in this game. In fact, it's known as an amazing trip of Rex (the title character) to explore a rich forest. It will be lucky for him if he gets your guidance. Do you want to go with him? Don't hesitate anymore! The treasures are attracting you to participate in the game. By the way, the fundamental aim here is to grab all stones and valuable items in each area of the forest.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Barbie Wedding Dress Up

It's possible to claim that today is the most important day in the Barbie's life. She will get married with her lover. It means that she will be a bride today. Come on! Enter Barbie Wedding Dress Up to dress her up with the best wedding gown and add-ons. Everything relies on the players' clever skill in designing and dressing up. Choose the charming and gorgeous items for her so that she becomes the most beautiful person in the wedding. Her wedding is coming soon. With your support, let's make this event become the memorable and meaningful day in her life. More than that, surprise people by her glamorous look.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Papa's Wingeria Game

Welcome back to Papa Restaurant! Papa has just expanded his business by another new branch: Papa's Wingeria. Of course, he needs you to manage this branch so that it may be more and more prosperous. What do you think about the job as a server as well as a manager of the restaurant. That sounds interesting, right? Then, don't look down on this chance, guys! How good is your management skill? Check that here. Coming to this game, players are asked to bring customers the best food services to earn money. Remember that the customers do not want to wait for their orders too long, so make sure that the speed is very necessary. Are you ready to enjoy the job at the Papa Restaurant? Have fun!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Monkey Go Happy Eggs

Want to prove your sharp eyes, keep intelligence and skill of solving problems? Don't mind becoming players of Monkey Go Happy Eggs, players! Would you love to tackle puzzles inside this game right away? Let's go! There are many stages you must get through. To overcome each one, be past to find out all suggested eggs scattered everywhere. Surely, you must avail your keen eyes and brain to solve each of the puzzles here. Let's search out all clues and follow them to show the best solutions. The current level will be completely solved right after the main monkey (the title character) smiles. Come on! Make him happy now!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Cat Around The Word

Would you love to join in Cat Around The Word so as to become the companion of a little cat in his trip around the world? That sound quite stimulating, right? This character has had a dream to become the most famous explore for a long time. He wants to discover all beautiful areas of the world and enjoy all delicious dishes in many different countries. Therefore, nothing can stop his step. Come on!If he gets your support, his travel will be smoother. It's known that here is a spectacular and wonderful puzzle game, so let's solve all puzzles to get the win. Each of the puzzles is related to delivering the food to the cat by make way for it. Play now!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mine Trap - An Interesting Adventure

Whilst seeking for ores and valuable stones in his world, an old man accidentally discovers a weird cave. At the moment, he's on the way to infiltrate into this zone to explore it with the hope of congregating what he wants. It's incredible! Here is a terrible place full of traps and hazardous monsters, so it's obvious that he should get your assistance. It's sure that more and more challenges will appear along his way. Importantly, there will be earthquakes springing up and challenging his speed. Don't let rocks from this kind of disaster crush him down, or the game will stop instantly. In short, let's help him get gold keys and treasures while he is traveling around the cave. Come on! Guide him to the lift which lets him descend. Hope he safely goes through this zone under your control.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Selena Gomez Cooking Cookies

Love Selena Gomez? Do you want to cook a yummy dish with here? Come on! Enter Selena Gomez Cooking Cookies - a cooking game to become her assistant in the process of making cookies. Today, she wants to make the best cookies for her mother, but it's the first time she steps into the kitchen. Everything seems too difficult to her. As for ingredients and recipe of this kind of food, don't get anxious since they are available. However, it's noticeable that there is a limited time for accomplishing the cooking process. Everything is ready. Girls, how about you? Enter the kitchen and set out to make the cookies right away.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Barbie Rock Princes Game

Don't mind becoming a cool stylist of Rock Princess in Barbie Rock Princes Game, all girls. It's surely a good chance for you to check your aesthetics and dress up capacity. The title character is preparing for a big rock performance tonight, but she does not know which outfit suits this event. Be fast to work as the stylist and give her your advice on fashion. Try to offer her your good ideas to make her more prominent and elegant. Surely, it's very exciting. Try it now!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Catch The Candy

Hey boys! Do you like Cool Math Games? If yes, don't miss Catch the Candy - an adventure of the protagonist called Blob to hunt for sweet candies. Wow! He is getting in the Candy world and searching out these items. It's sure that you will feel amused to know what's going on when setting foot on that world. Actually, challenges are waiting for Blob. Nothing is more wonderful than the candies, but he needs to be cautious about dangers and difficulties. It's better to have your guidance and enthusiastic help. Get ready? It's time to play it! The game's colored and beautiful images will please your eyes, and its concept will give you great moments. Have fun!