Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Defend The Castle - Minecraft Games

Play Defend The Castle as the archer now, all players! As you can see, waves of zombies are moving towards the castle’s gate and intend to demolish it so that they can approach deep into the inside. Let’s stop their evil intention by utilizing a huge number of darts, arrows, and other weapons. Aim at the targets and wipe out all of them. You can play other #games==> http://minecraftgames.org/ #defendthecastle #archer #zombies #weapons
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/150/defend-the-castle.html

Friday, January 27, 2017

Authentic Octopus Game - Minecraft Games

Go to Authentic Octopus and become a sad tiny octopus that nobody likes. Your mission here is to negotiate all the obstacles and figure out a solution to defeat the enemies while collecting treasures. Remember to learn new abilities – air-dodges, spin jumps, squishy crouchy waddies, etc. Collect different types of weapons, also, for attacks. Check more at http://minecraftgames.org/ #octopus #obstacles #enemies #attacks #weapons #games
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/226/authentic-octopus-game.html

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Simioscraft Defense - Minecraft Games

Time to make an incredible adventure with Steve! Visit Minecraft land and help Steve destroy the Creepers’ base. At the same time, defense the Minecraft guy's base. First, recruit as many soldiers as possible, and then, send them to the enemies’ place in order to damage their headquarters. Be quick or they reach your base and attack your soldiers. Enjoy more #games==> http://minecraftgames.org/ #simioscraft #defense #minecraft #creepers #attack
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/160/simioscraft-defense.html

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Goodgame Empire - Minecraft Games

In Goodgame Empire, you will be in charge of your own castle. Start building up from scratch with barracks, armories and other towers to raise a powerful army as well as to defend yourself against various threats. Conquer new lands in epic player-vs-player fights on a dynamic world map with thousands of other players from around the world. Play more at http://minecraftgames.org/ #goodgame #empire #castle #army #games
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/110/goodgame-empire.html

Monday, January 23, 2017

Everything You Need To Know About ZOMBIE PIGMEN?

When living in Minecraft, your only purpose is to survive. So many deadly threats, it's obviously that you have to know your enemies well. Here is what you should know about Zombie Pigmen! For playing #games, visit==> http://minecraftgames.org/ #zombie #pigmen #minecraft #enemies
from Minecraft Games https://www.facebook.com/138517229509007/videos/1529091300451586/

Mine Blocks - Minecraft Games

An old man wants to make a castle in Minecraft World, but he doesn't know how to. Avail your skills as mining, crafting, and building to support him. Kill monsters for XP, also. This version 1.19.4_5 features fixed portals, added sun and moon, fixed liquid physics, fixed more bugs, etc.! Visit http://minecraftgames.org/ #minecraft #mineblocks #games #mining #bugs
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/15/mine-blocks.html

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Evolution of Minecraft

Come with me as we re-experience Minecraft starting from the start. Minecraft is stepping into its eighth year . Damn. It really reveals how fast the years are passing by. Play more at==> http://minecraftgames.org/ #minecraft #evolution #games #sandbox
from Minecraft Games https://www.facebook.com/138517229509007/videos/1527655560595160/

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Creep Craft 2 Demo - Minecraft Games

With Creep Craft 2 Demo, you will have a Minecraft-inspired adventure. Become a cute creeper, your job is to stay alive from all dangerous threats. For defense, it’s necessary to find weapons, create a fortress, and equip yourself with power. Gather materials for crafting items. Stay inside the shelter when the night comes, or you have to fight against the zombies. Check more games at http://minecraftgames.org/ #minecraft #creepcraft #creeper #zombies #weapons
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/242/creep-craft-2-demo.html

Friday, January 13, 2017

Minecraft Tower Defense New Version - Minecraft Games

With the new version of Minecraft Tower Defence, you are in charge of defending your shelter from monsters for 400 nights. In order to kill the invaders, towers and fortresses must be purchased and constructed. All the defending towers have to be placed cleverly as well as upgraded to accomplish the mission well. Play more games==> http://minecraftgames.org/ #minecraft #towers #defense #monsters #fortress
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/11/minecraft-tower-defense-new-version.html

Blocking Dead - Part 3 (Minecraft Animation)

Have you waited for the final part? Here it is - Blocking Dead (Part 3-END)...let's watch and find out how the ending turns out. You can play Minecraft games at http://minecraftgames.org/ #minecraft #animation #zombies #games
from Minecraft Games https://www.facebook.com/138517229509007/videos/1517884301572286/

Zombie Raider - Minecraft Games

You play as a raider here! It may sound strange to you, right? Pick up the rifle with the unlimited ammo to shoot down all zombies flocking to your position. Once the Health bar reaches zero, it means you'll be knocked out. Focus on the enemies' movement and evade their assaults before they make the incredible siege. Enjoy more Minecraft games==> http://minecraftgames.org/ #minecraft #zombie #raider #shooting #riffle
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/177/zombie-raider.html

BlockCraft - Minecraft Games

With BlockCraft, your creativity, cleverness, and imagination will be shown up, in a building period. Here, you have a chance to change the appearance of a flying island. Make it imposing and majestic by generating dozens of constructions they figure out. Falling out the island means the game will be over, remember. Check more at http://minecraftgames.org/ #blockcraft #minecraft #imagination #constructions #building
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/172/blockcraft.html

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Don't interrupt us, Steve...we are in the enjoying-good-movies mood, no time for a fight. Visit us at http://minecraftgames.org/ #minecraft #games #funny #gif
from Minecraft Games http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mde5opHjg21rzyprc.gif

Weapon Quest 3D - Minecraft Games

In this 3D RPG, you are a warrior, either archer or swordswoman. You will get quests, buy items, and do a lot of stuff there. A mission accomplished, you will earn rewards which assist you through the journey. Discover a mysterious dungeon and kill the mobs (if you can). You can visit==> http://minecraftgames.org/ #warrior #quests #items #dugeon #mobs #minecraft
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/243/weapon-quest-3d.html

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Blocking Dead- Part 2 (Minecraft Animation)

Here comes Part 2 for the Blocking Dead Animation, check now! Want to play more Minecraft games? Visit==> http://minecraftgames.org/ #minecraft #games #zombies #animation #blocks
from Minecraft Games https://www.facebook.com/138517229509007/videos/1515479885146061/

Blocking Dead (Part 1)

Have you check this Minecraft animation? If you want to play more Minecraft games, here==> http://minecraftgames.org/
from Minecraft Games https://www.facebook.com/138517229509007/videos/1514537218573661/

Dead Block - Minecraft Games

Grab a gun and enter the deadly Minecraft field to knock out as many aggressive zombies as possible. They are very dangerous, so aim accurately and shoot hard before they attack you. Visit http://minecraftgames.org/ #minecraft #zombies #shooting #gun
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/238/dead-block.html

Match Craft - Minecraft Games

Here comes the combination of Minecraft and match-3 game. You need to connect 3 or more voxel blocks, ertically, horizontally, or diagonally, to clear 'em off the board for high points. Can you complete 100 hand-crafted levels? For more games==> http://minecraftgames.org/ #minecraft #matching #blocks #puzzle #levels
from Minecraft Games http://minecraftgames.org/view/241/match-craft.html