Friday, May 29, 2015

Dora Puzzle Fun

If you are looking for some entertainment products to improve your kids' brain, we want to introduce you to Dora Puzzle Fun - a puzzle game themed a delightful background and the lovely gameplay. It's exactly a jigsaw puzzle which is almost involved in fitting puzzle pieces together to form completed pictures which have been given out before. There are many challenging puzzles as well as levels from the ease to difficulty to keep your kids entertained at any time. Don't hesitate to let them access the first level and train their brain now! It's really an ideal game for all kids. Love cool maths minecraft block story? Try its derivative right away! Have fun!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Farm Mania

Are you ready to build your own farm in Farm Mania - a cool math game mine it and make it richer and richer? Here is really an interesting management game which you should not miss. Here=, you can do many activities to enrich the farm such as feeding chickens, planting seeds, watering vegetables, harvesting farming products, and selling them for gold coins. After the fund is accumulated from delivering the farming products to the city, be fast to spend it on buying machines and tools for upgrading the farm. Remember that time for experiencing the farming activities is limited. Don't hesitate anymore! Start the game now!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Whack Your Ex

Another cool math game with the amazing concept is coming to you. It's called Whack Your Ex like a Minecraft and cool math sort. The game is designed for some people who are suffering the big anger at their exes. Although their relationships with their exes come to an end, the anger still exists in their mind. They want to do something to relieve this anger. Instead of harming a soul, let's enjoy Whack Your Ex. It's totally good. Start now! Just hit some possible items below the couple, and you will see a chain of reflections appears, and the ex will be injured. Remember to remove all your negative thoughts from your mind after already enjoying this game.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mega Miner

Step into Mega Miner - a cool math and Minecraft game, all players! It's designed for all people loving mining treasures in strange lands. No time to hesitate! Begin the journey to search out the most valuable things just with the click on Play, all guys! Here, players will control a machine called Driller to go down and collect minerals and ores such as diamonds, coal, gold, iron, coal, gems, red bricks, and others. Remember to keep an eye on 2 meters at the bottom: Fuel and Cargo. Once the Fuel is out or the Cargo is full, be fast to enter the shop to charge the Driller and sell the collected things for money. It's better to upgrade this machine.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Fire And Ice Elves

Right after being told about giant treasures in a weird jungle, both Fire and Ice Elves made a decision to explore it. Make a trip to this zone with them now, all players! Here, each player is asked to be a guide of the Fire and Ice Elves through the jungle while getting all valuable items scattered everywhere. Along the way, it's obvious that there are lots of obstacles and dangerous monsters preventing the protagonists' steps. Try to use your intelligence and wits to overcome all of these challenges. It's advised that you should navigate both of them at the same time to solve puzzles more efficiently. Don't hesitate anymore! Begin the adventure with them right away! Enjoy such interesting cool math game now!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Forest Guardians

Hurry to become a participant in Forest Guardians, which is referred to as an absorbing TD game under the RPG theme. It's sure that it will offer you the most wonderful features. Let's go! The goal players must carry out when playing the game is to protect all seedlings from waves of demons. They are marching along the pathway to the seedlings' positions. Be fast to set up grass towers, clouds, special traps, trees, flowers, and others in strategic locations next to the path. To enhance the fighting ability, let's buy probable upgrades and power-ups. Don't hesitate anymore! Start Forest Guardians - a Minecraft and cool math game right now!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Minecraft Cake Ingredients

Try a type of cool math game mixed with Minecraft, all players! If you are a fan of those 2 genres, don't mind leading yourself to Minecraft Cake Ingredients. Here, you are allowed to review the knowledge about the recipe of a Minecraft cake. Hit rocks to earn points and uncover this recipe. There are 2 kinds of rocks: Blue (for 5 points) and Normal (for one point). Get more rocks to destroy from the white bar at the bottom. When the total score reaches 100, the recipe will be opened out. At that time, just click on the Craft button to own the cake. It's interesting, right? Start now!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Barrbie Fan Barbie Hidden Letters

To check your eyes and improve your observing capacity, you should enter Barrbie Fan Barbie Hidden Letters - a cool maths minecraft block story game. Its graphics will surely catch your eyes because it's a picture of beautiful Barbie girls under the colored background. It seems that they are on the way to their school. The important task here is to avail the magnifier to uncover and get hidden alphabets in the picture. Move this tool over the interface, and once meeting a letter, hit to collect it. Don't forget about time since it's not set here. It's clear that you can just move to the next level after the current one is excellently accomplished. Let's go!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Candy Is Mine

What are you doing now? If being free, you should try a new cool math game named The Candy Is Mine. It's full of funny situations to experience. Don't hesitate anymore! Start now! The game carries an interesting story about a hungry wolf, but he doesn't eat meat. He just needs much candies. Enter The Candy Is Mine to help him collect lots of these items, all players. Here, the candy items will be dropped by the boy and girl, and he is trying to pick them up without getting caught. The more candies he gets, the scores players own. Are you confident to become his companion during this journey to collecting these sweet items? Come on! Enjoy this cool math game now!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sweet Valentine

Take time to begin Sweet Valentine - a cool math game - and help the girl called Emily choose the best style for her first dating, all players! Emily and Ben is considered as a perfect couple. They have been in this romantic relationship for just one year. To mark it, they will have a romantic dinner at a luxury restaurant. That's why the girl wants to become charming and sweet before coming to this restaurant. Let's become her stylist and bring her your advice on fashion, style and mixtures of accessories so that Ben can not take his eye off her beauty. All cosmetics,dresses, accessories, and other add-ons are available, so everything you should do is to make her up and dress her up with the suitable items. Try to make her happy on her first dating. Play the game right now!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Two Player Math Game

Hey kids! You hate Math, right? Then, coming to Two Player Math Game - a cool math minecraft game, you will have a new perspective about this subject in your school. In fact, Math is very interesting, but you have not found any right way to study it. Playing games related to Math will be amazing, and Two Player Math Game is a typical example. Take time to relish its gameplay right now! The game's objective is to give out all right answers to Math operations. Think about numbers and operations before typing the answer in the space. 2 players can enjoy the game at the same time to find out the person who is really good at Math. Much fun!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Human Apocalypse

Fed up with the role as a human being or even a hero? Want to do something different and amazing? Human Apocalypse is considered as the nice environment for you. Here, you will be a zombie instead of a human. Let's flee from the humans's chase since they want to exterminate the last member of the zombie community. Break bricks to make way to the safe place. It's better to use secret weapons to slaughter a large number of enemies. Collect red hearts to refill his health. It's sure that the hearts are very important in urgent circumstances. Further, don't let them surround you, or you will die more quickly. Good luck!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Swords And Sandals - Gladiator

Wish to attain the Best Gladiator position? If yes, be fast-legged to set foot on Swords And Sandals - Gladiator, all guys! Do you realize anything new and special here? Tap the Play button to know now! First of all, let's give the main character a certain weapon, and then lead him to the battleground to confront all kinds of enemies. Control him so that he can defeat all of them and get money. Spend money on armor, shields, equipment items, and more because he will have to face more dangerous enemies. Are you ready to taste each challenge of Swords And Sandals - Gladiator one by one? It will astonish you very fast.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Silent Destiny Grael Tower Defense

Heroes in Silent Destiny Grael Tower Defense feel happy after destructing a hazardous man Drill Drone. They are planning to celebrate. Nonetheless, bunches of Dark spirits are advancing towards their land. Don’t let them reach this evil aim, or they will die, and the land will be conquered. Clearly, Tower Defense is considered as the best strategy for this war. Let’s place sharp traps and powerful turrets along the road to stop enemies from infiltrating deep into the land. Remember that their evil target is successful if they get through the gate. Don’t forget to avail special attacks (defenses, air strikes, etc.). Come on! Prove your smart tactics, guys!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rich Mine 2 Xmas Pack

If resisting cool math games is your difficulty, don't do that anymore. Let's enjoy Rich Mine 2 Xmas Pack to find out more interesting traits here, guys! For sure, it will keep you entertained. Further, it also helps enhance your brain and skills. Don't miss it, guys! Coming here, players are offered a big pack of levels. To complete each one, cut the rope and guide the gem to the Mr. Gnome's bag. Try to show wise cuts to collect stars while letting the gem drop down into the bag successfully. Rich Mine 2 Xmas Pack is suitable for the Christmas holiday. Grasp and explore it now! Have fun!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Zombie Crusade 2

Take time to savor Zombie Crusade 2 - a cool action game in which a respected and kind King is under siege of the evil troop summoned by a cruel wizard. The King is trying to protect his people because the wizard has been casting a spell on them. They are gradually turning into horrible zombies. Let's help the king build towers and traps to detain all of the wizard's minions in entering the gate. Coins will be gathered from the enemies falling down. Don't forget to spend this income on buying upgrades and boosts which are sold at the shop. Importantly, you must show your strategies to stop them since they are more and more crowded.